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  • Do I need a medical certificate to register? Which?

Each competitor must be in possession of a competitive medical certificate for athletics or skyrunning.
(you can also register only with a medical certificate without any card)



  • Is it possible to register on the day of the race?

No, registration on the day of the race will not be possible in any of the distances. Entries will close without fail on October 25th, and/or at 1100 members



  • Are there minimum requirements to sign up for the 107km trail?
    No, it is highly recommended to have participated and concluded races of similar distance and height difference. We advise you to read the regulations well and look at the race track to understand if you are ready and if you have enough experience to tackle an Ultra Trail with these characteristics.


  • I signed up for the 60k trail but would like to switch to the 107km or 30km or 15km trail. Is it possible?

No, in no case is the passage of the registration from one distance to another (lower or higher) foreseen.


  • I am not a UISP or Fidal member, can I register for competitive tenders?

Yes of course, the organization has taken out supplementary insurance for all athletes who are not registered.


  • Is the 15k run competitive only or is it open to everyone?

The 15km is only competitive.


  • How can I send the release?

The release, if not signed during registration, must be sent by email to




  • Are there showers available upon arrival?

At the moment we still don't know if the covid prevention provisions that will be present at the end of November will allow us to use the showers on the sports field or not.


  • For those who run the 103km trail, is there a point for switching? Yes, the life base where we will let you find your bag for changing clothes will be present at the 54th km at the La Chiesina di Palazzuolo refreshment point.


  • If I decide to retire during the race, how do I reach the finish area?
    There are designated points where the withdrawals will be recovered


  • Where are the refreshment points located and what will you find there?

The refreshment points are located along the route as indicated in the traces of the routes and there will be solid food, water, soft drinks and mineral salts available.


  • Are the departures joint?

No, the races will start at different times as specified in the regulation.



  • Will the mandatory material be checked? When?

Yes, the obligatory material will be checked at the time of bib collection and also during the races. Each competitor must have all the obligatory material always on or in his backpack during the entire duration of the competitions. 


  • Is the mandatory equipment the same for all races?

No, the list of mandatory equipment can be consulted in the regulation


  • What is the ecotazza for?

To avoid waste of disposable plastic in the race, there will be no glasses in the refreshment points, so each competitor must have his own container in which to pour drinks at the refreshment points.


  • Why do I need to have a 1 liter water reserve?

The races are semi-autonomous: there are no refreshment points or fountains at every kilometre. You must therefore be independent from one refreshment point to another and in case of difficulty you must have enough water to hydrate while waiting for help.


  • Is the headlamp mandatory in all races?

The headlamp, as written in the regulation, is mandatory for the distances , 63km and 103km.

  • What is the thermal sheet used for?

In case of problems or injuries along the way, the blanket allows you to protect yourself from the cold, heat, rain, humidity and wind while waiting for help. 


  • What is the whistle for?

The whistle is used in case you fall off the trail, where no one can see you. The whistle is more audible than the voice and nearby competitors can hear it and rescue you. Also, the whistle comes in handy in foggy weather if you get lost.


  • What is the food reserve for if there are refreshments along the route?

The races are semi-autonomous and there are no refreshment points at every kilometre. You must therefore be independent from one refreshment point to another and, in the event of a problem, have enough food to fill up on energy while waiting for help.


  • As mandatory material, ask for a waterproof jacket taped to at least 10000mm water columns: is a waterproof waxed also fine?

  • No. Although the waxed jacket is waterproof, it is not breathable, which would lead to excessive sweating and consequently increase the risk of dehydration.



  • Do I have to send the medical certificate even if it has expired?

The certificate must be sent through the procedure provided on the website on the registration page, when you will have the document valid on the date of the race, all those sent that are not valid will be discarded.


  • My certificate will expire one month before the race, can I still register?

Yes, but as soon as it is renewed, the valid certificate on the day of the event must be uploaded to the website.


  • I have a valid medical certificate for triathlon, ski mountaineering or Nordic walking. All right?

No, it must say Athletics.


  • Do you also need a medical certificate for the "Boar Apprentice"?

Yes it is necessary.


  • Does the certificate have to be necessarily “competitive”?

Yes, the certificate must necessarily bear the wording COMPETITIVE.





- Can I collect another competitor's goodie bag or have another person collect mine?

No, it will not be possible to collect another athlete's goody bag.


- Is there a bag storage service?

Yes, the bags can be deposited at the bag deposit in the departure prices.


- Where can I sleep in the area the night before the race?

 On the site you will find the section "where to sleep" with some useful advice


- Is there an area equipped for sleeping in the area with the camper?
- Yes, the camper parking is located in the Via Pagani parking lot

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