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Trail del Cinghiale, for the 1,300 trail runners the event has been postponed to 2024

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The ASD Leopodistica: “Great solidarity shown by the trail running people.

Numerous donations have already been made in support of the Civil Protection of Palazzuolo sul Senio".

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After the necessary suspension of the eleventh edition due to the violent storms that hit the Tuscany region and the Florentine Palazzuolo sul Senio on the night of November 2nd, the long-awaited appointment with the Wild Boar Trail on the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines is officially postponed to 2024.  


This was communicated by the President of ASD Leopodistica Marco Gurioli:
“Despite the months of hard work, during which we found ourselves dealing with the consequences of the first flood in May, we were ready to party together with 1,300 off-road racing enthusiasts, who also came from abroad. Towards the late afternoon of Thursday, when all the arrangements for the event had already been assembled and we were finalizing the last goodie bags, the weather took a turn for the worse and a light rain turned into a real deluge. The level of the Senio river rose very rapidly, causing the pedestrian bridge and even a gas substation to collapse.

So they had us evacuate, first from the pizzeria where we were having dinner and then during the night also from some accommodation in risk areas". 


At the first light of dawn the situation was quite clear, the Boar Trail was compromised.

“Some cell phones had no network and communicating was difficult, so we met in the Municipality to take stock of the situation also with the local authorities. All the mountain rescue and health care forces were busy in the field, thus not being able to guarantee the minimum safety requirements for the competition. Furthermore, with the access roads already blocked, we would have contributed to further hindering the rescue operations aimed at citizens". 


But there were also other causes that pushed the organization to postpone the event until next year: “Competing a few meters from flooded homes, with families in obvious difficulty – continues Gurioli – would have been emotionally impossible for us, having lived on the our own skin this situation. We want Palazzuolo sul Senio to be the protagonist of the Wild Boar Trail and it will become so again. We will have to work hard to restore the paths devastated by the water but in the meantime, thanks to the 200 volunteers linked to the event, since Saturday 3 November we have managed to tear up all the paths so as not to leave any waste in nature". 


In response to the obvious critical issues, the trail running community showed no shortage of solidarity. “Many participants immediately asked us for the possibility of donating part of their registration to support the territory – concludes the President of the ASD Leopodistica – We have therefore decided to introduce, in addition to the options for reimbursement or confirmation of one's bib number, the donation for the purchase of material in favor ofCivil Protection of Palazzuolo sul Senio. These gestures, as well as the closeness of numerous sports associations, are really pushing us to recover our energy to return in 2024 with even greater determination."

Trail del Cinghiale press office

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